Because we are interested in people's story and not what type of gear they use, we introduce a new much needed podcast in the world of photography and cinematography.  Featuring in-depth conversations with some of the World's leading photographers, Filmmakers, and other visual revolutionaries, we are bringing you the backstory on how some of your favorite artists got to where they are today.  

Episode 63: Blair Bunting / Commercial Photographer / Hasselblad Ambassador

Hasselblad ambassador and award winning commercial and advertising photographer Blair Bunting joins us on this episode of the podcast to talk about everything from the importance of our legacy as photographers, to mental health, to what it's like working with some of the biggest brands in the world.  Although his father introduced him to photography at an early age, it would take the loss of a close friend in high school, and the depression that set in afterwards, that would finally send Blair back to the camera as a tool to re-connect with the social world and with himself.  He became fascinated with the ability to show others the world through his eyes, and knew the future would revolve around the art of photography.  Choosing to study business and sociology in college instead of an arts degree, Blair bet on the idea that he would need a background in understanding business practices and the people around him and chose to teach himself photography.  Before long however, he received an opportunity of a lifetime to become mentored by a master and was able to get a crash course in the world of lighting and photography.  Before he was even done with college, Blair would already have representation and a client base that many established pros would be jealous of.  Blair has gone on to to shoot advertising campaigns all over the world and has become known for a signature look and an ability well beyond his years.  During our conversation we get the chance to talk about what it's like to be an ambassador for such a well respected legacy brand like Hasselblad, the challenges of dealing with anxiety and panic on commercial shoots, and the advice he gives to others on leaving a legacy and respecting the ones that came first. To Learn More About Blair Bunting Visit:


Episode 62: Michael Grecco / Renowned Commercial Photographer and Director

On this episode of the podcast we are joined by renowned commercial photographer and director Michael Grecco. Although best known for his iconic celebrity portraits, Michael has a body of work that spans everything from fine art to filmmaking, and has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest named clients in the world. He's given back to the photography community as well, with multiple books and talks on lighting technique, copyright protection, business strategies, and more. During our conversation Michael tells us about growing up outside of New York City in the 70s and his early creative inspiration from childhood trips to the Museum of Modern Art and the International Center of Photography. After learning how to develop film at a summer camp program, Michael was hooked. He knew that one day he wanted to be a professional photographer. Although he chased the world of photojournalism in Boston at first, Michael soon realized that his early artistic heroes had helped him create an eye that was better suited for creating photos than just capturing them. He soon found himself in LA, working with People magazine and, before long, creating a look and lighting style that would kick-start a legendary career. Through it all, Michael has continued to evolve as an artist and share with others what years in the business has taught him. We get to discuss some of those ideas during this show, like how to protect your copyrights, what it's like to work in the world of celebrity photography, the way in which the photography business seems to be changing, and the advice he gives to those crazy enough to want to try and make it their career.  To Learn More About Michael Grecco Visit:


Episode 61: KC Armstrong / Celebrity, Sports, & Advertising Photographer

KC Armstrong joins the podcast for this episode to talk about growing up in Alberta in the shadows of the Canadian Rockies, establishing himself as a sought after photographer in Toronto, and slowly breaking into the LA scene as a celebrity shooter.  KC's life was that of the normal 70s/80s suburban kid.  Getting lost on skateboards and BMX bikes, and venturing into the mountains to snowboard whenever he got the chance.  But the world of punk rock, and the creative sub culture it bought with it, would soon change his outlook on life  and send him in a trajectory of playing in bands and finally finding a true passion for photography.  After several years of working at a grocery store after high school, and wondering what would be next in his life, KC decided to enroll at the Alberta College of Art and Design and began carving out a path that would lead him to a move to Toronto and the beginnings of a commercial photography client base.  Over the years KC has worked with everyone from top professional athletes, to celebrities, to personal projects like his current "Skate Legends" series that showcases beautiful portraits of very familiar faces from the world of skateboarding.  During our conversation we get the chance to explore where he thinks the current state of the photography business is headed, the trials of breaking into the small world of LA celebrity shooters, spreading the word to others to not give away your copyrights, and always raising the bar on your future ambitions.  To Learn More About KC Armstrong Visit:


Episode 60: Dave Lehl / Action Sports, Lifestyle, & Advertising Photographer

Action Sports, lifestyle, and advertising photographer Dave Lehl joins us on this episode of the podcast to talk about his current life on the road in his new fifth wheel home, and the evolution of his work and client base.  Although best known for his cutting edge snowboard photography for editorial clients like Transworld and Future magazine, and as the team photographer for Rome Snowboards, Dave has continued to evolve his look and reach as a photographer and incorporate the worlds of all sports. Dave talks about growing up in Pueblo, Colorado and his constant missions into the mountains with his family to explore on dirt bikes, snowboards, and skateboards.  It was that early lifestyle that would keep Dave in the mountains even though his original dream was shooting fashion in New York.  It was the mountains that Dave understood and it was his ability to translate that into an image that began to finally get him traction as a photographer.  Dave has since gone on to work with some of the biggest editorial and advertising clients in the world, and created a style that has set him apart from others.  During our conversation we talk about constantly growing as an artist, the benefits of assisting seasoned professionals in your early career, what it feels like to question your decision to be a photographer, and how he continues to attract a new commercial client base.  So enjoy this conversation with Dave Lehl.  To Learn More About Dave Lehl Visit:


Episode 59: Jill Greenberg / Renowned Photographer / Director

On this episode of the podcast we sit down with renowned photographer Jill Greenberg to talk about what most would consider to be a very successful career in photography, all while remaining true to herself and her ideals as an artist.  Although best known for creating a very recognizable look with her "End Times" series in 2005, Jill has a career that stretches over decades and involves shoots with some of the biggest name celebrities, musicians, politicians, and other social influencers. Jill has been credited with helping to usher in multiple new looks that have been replicated by many. She was born in Montreal, but moved to Detroit at an early age where she would begin to develop her artistic path while attending Cranbrook Elementary School, studying everything from photography to animation.  Jill continued to pursue her artistic passion as she grew up, but was encouraged by one of her professors to focus on photography.  After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Jill began to carve out her own niche in the competitive world of photography.  During our conversation I get the chance to ask Jill how she built her career and how she's remained relevant in a world becoming more and more saturated with imagery.  We discuss what it's like being "pigeon holed" by one look, how her career was effected by some of the controversy she found herself involved in, and the advice she gives to others coming up in the world of photography.  To Learn More About Jill Greenberg Visit:


Episode 58: Michael Christopher Brown / Documentarian and Conflict Photographer

Photographer and Documentarian Michael Christopher Brown joins us on the show today for a heartfelt conversation about what it means to truly be present to humanity, and if we are able to do that at the same time as looking through a viewfinder.  Many of you might know Michael from his most recent book "Libyan Sugar" and his amazing ability to capture the wide range of human emotions in conflict zones from Benghazi to the Congo.  He's a regular contributing photographer to some of the most prestigious outlets in the world like Time, National Geographic, and The New York Times, and has covered some of the most historical events of the last 20 years.  During the time many would refer to as the Arab Spring, Michael went to Libya to experience the uprising and to document what would happen when people decided to take back the power.  It was there that Michael would be faced with many near death experiences, including a well documented mortar attack that killed one of his good friends and colleagues.  It was those moments, in the long run, that would make Michael question what it was he was doing there and what it meant to be a photographer and fellow human being.  During this conversation, I get the chance to explore those topics with Michael and talk about facing your own traumatic experiences after returning home from a conflict zone, finding true meaning and happiness within the chaos, and the advice he gives to others who want to travel the world and document the human existence.  So join us as we explore some of what it means to be a person and a photographer.  To Learn More About Micheal Visit:ttp://  To Buy his book "Libyan Sugar" Visit:


Episode 57: Lindsey Ross / AKA The Alchemistress / Fine Art Wet Plate Photographer

This week we sit down with the Alchemistress herself Lindsey Ross to talk about wet plate photography and the hustle of making a living in a sped up digital era with a slowed down vintage process. Lindsey talks about growing up in Ohio and the influence that an early education in art and photography had on the outcome of her life.  Although she walked away from it to study religion in college, it soon caught up to her again as she traveled west and found a new life and calling in the mountains working as a photojournalist.  Lindsey tells  stories of living on an idyllic ranch with her boyfriend and his parents and the eventual move to Wyoming that would kickstart her photographic career.  She would later relocate to California to attend Brooks institute and earn her MFA.  It was there that she would meet her mentor and become fascinated with the wet plate collodion process.  During this conversation I get to ask how Lindsey has carved out a living for herself in this digital dominated industry with such an old technique, what's it like preparing a body of work for a gallery show, shooting portraits with a slow and cumbersome camera, the music that keeps her going in the studio, and the inspiration she finds in nature.  So enjoy this conversation with Lindsey Ross.   To Learn More About Lindsey Ross Visit:


Episode 56: Chris Buck / Celebrity, Editorial, & Advertising Photographer / Director

This week on the podcast we are joined by photographer Chris Buck to talk about working with everyone from the President of the United States to A-List celebrities, and his newest book "Uneasy" which features a 30 year retrospective of his images.  Although Canadian born and raised, Chris has called New York City home for most of his life and many of his images reflect the edge and grit that the city is known for.  Growing up with a father who worked for Kodak and a mother that loved artwork, Chris always gravitated towards a creative life, but it was a high school class in mass media that would give him a glimpse into what he would pursue and what it was called.  Through high school and college Chris spent time in the music scene, managing a band and working with a local publication.  But his lifelong fascination with pop culture would find it's way back in after moving to New York where he quickly found himself shooting celebrities as well as musicians.  He has gone on to work with some of the biggest names in the business, and has created a look and work ethic that sets him apart from others.  He has garnered respect from his peers as well as a huge roster of clients and was awarded the first Arnold Newman Portrait Prize in 2007.  During our conversation, we talk about Chris's thoughts on the current state of digital media and photography, how we see ourselves in the people we shoot, why it's important to write down goals, and pursuing photography for the sake of art and not money.  So enjoy this conversation with someone who has definitely paid their dues.  To Learn More About Chris Buck Visit:  To Purchase Chris's Book Uneasy Visit:


Episode 55: Chris McPherson / Advertising, Editorial, & Lifestyle Photographer & Director

On this episode of the Visual Revolutionary Podcast we sit down with well known advertising and editorial photographer Chris McPherson to talk about what's it like brainstorming shoot ideas with Lbron James,  trying to convince celebrities that it's in their best interest to get a good shot, and all the things they don't tell you in school about getting your work in front of the right people.  Although Chris had many influences and mentors in his life, it was his third grade teacher that first put a camera in his hand for a school newspaper assignment and helped change the way he would see the world for good.  Growing up in Phoenix, Chris was inspired by the moto, bmx, and skateboard worlds around him.  And with an older stepbrother like Todd Swank (professional skateboarder and skateboard photographer) to help show him that you could carve your own path, it wasn't long before he was committing himself to photography.  Working first for a high end Phoenix studio, and then moving to LA to assist some of the biggest names in photography, Chris moved through the ranks and built his own book, eventually building a huge roster of clients.  During our conversation we talk about the importance of mentorship, the trappings of assistant work, the need for face to face meetings in a digital world, and what it means to build a brand in today's photography world.  So enjoy this conversation with Chris McPherson.  To Learn More About Chris McPherson Visit:


Episode 54: Art Streiber / Renowned Celebrity, Portrait, and Advertising Photographer

After a long unplanned hiatus, Visual Revolutionary is back, featuring a new conversation with renowned celebrity, portrait, and advertising photographer Art Streiber.  Named by American Photo Magazine as one of the 100 most important people in photography, Art's body of work is as vast as the list of celebrities, musicians, athletes, and movers and shakers he has worked with.  On this episode, we get the chance to hear about Art's upbringing in Pacific Palisades and the Canon AE1 his grandfather sold him for eight dollars that would inevitably change his life.  As a child growing up around the family business of magazine and newspaper distribution, Art was surrounded by editorial inspiration, but it wasn't until he saw the magic of photography unfold in the darkroom that he fell in love with the whole process of capturing an image, and knew what he would do for the rest of his life.  During our conversation Art tells us about how that young passion for photography turned into a very successful career in the business and how he felt he was able to separate himself as not only a photographer, but a problem solver for the industry.  So sit back and get ready for some inspiration as Art breaks down the way he works, how he stays inspired, keeping an organized studio, dealing with celebrities on set, and the advice he gives to those coming up in the business.  To Learn More About Art Streiber Visit:


Episode 53: Magdalena Wosinska / Commercial/Lifestyle Photographer and Motion Maker

This week on the podcast we sit down with commercial lifestyle photographer Magdalena Wosinska.  Although many might know Magda from her popular Instagram account "The Magdalena Experience Volume 1" featuring her beautifully crafted nude self portraits, she has a very long history with photography that stretches back to her early teens and a client list that includes some of the top brands in the world.  Magda, a polish immigrant, moved to this country when she was 8 years old with her parents who were both respected psychology professors.  Although the land of opportunity seemed amazing at first, she quickly started dealing with the pressures of being a young girl in a new country who couldn't speak the language.  She began to feel alienated, but in her early teen years she finally found her voice in the world of skateboarding.  It would be skateboarding that would truly introduce her to the freedom of this country and the characters that come along with it.  And it would be skateboarding that would lead her to a very early career in photography.  Shooting her first overseas assignment at the age of 16, Magda began to slowly carve out a name for herself as one of the few female photographers shooting skateboarding. It would later be a chance to work with legendary photographer Art Streiber where she truly began to tune her craft and the see the potential of photography work outside the world of skateboarding.  On this episode we ask Magda how she manages to convey the freedom and angst of youth culture in photographs, what made her get in front of the lens with her nude self portrait project, what it was like being in a metal band with professional skateboarder Ethan Fowler, and what keeps her driven to always be moving forward.  So enjoy this fun conversation with Magdalena Wosinska.  To Learn More About Magdalena Wosinska Visit:


Episode 52: Krystle Wright / Adventure Sports and Travel Photographer and Filmmaker

On this episode of the podcast we are joined by adventure sports and travel photographer and filmmaker Krystle Wright.  Recently featured on the other side of the camera on Netflix's original series "Tales by Light", Krystle tells us what it's really like to chase a shot, and the misery involved when it sometimes fails.  She's become a gypsy in her own right, sometimes living out of her car and on other people's couches as she constantly stays on the move and travels from one country to another in search of the next adventure.  During our conversation, she opens up about the pitfalls of that existence and how hard it is to be a solo female always showing up in new locations and trying to carve out a living in a male dominated field.  Although an Australian by birth, Krystle spends a ton of time in the US and has made a name for herself with her beautifully crafted images of rock climbing, free diving, base jumping, skiing, and every other action sport she can get the chance to put her camera in front of.  Throughout our talk, we had the opportunity to chat about how she grew up, when the camera made it's way into her life, her early mentors in photography, and some of the first jobs that would provide the stepping stones of building a photography career that would include some amazing editorial assignments and sponsors from some of the biggest brands in the business.  Although she's still fairly recent to the motion world, she has been a part of multiple filmmaking opportunities and recently debuted her newest film "Where the Wild Things Play" at the Five Points Film Festival.  So sit back and enjoy what Krystle has to say about the trials and tribulations of becoming an adventure photographer, some of the tired stereotypes of female athletes that she is trying to help change with her latest project, and the advice she gives to others setting out on the road with a dream to travel and shoot. To Learn More About Krystle Wright Visit:


Episode 51: Stephen Wilkes / Renowned Fine Art and Documentary Photographer

This week on the show we had the honor of sitting down with renowned fine art photographer, documentarian, and true student of time and light, Stephen Wilkes.  Many of you might know Stephen from his beautifully produced series "Day to Night" which he is still traveling the world working on now and has broken the boundaries of how much time you can capture in a single photograph.  That being said, Stephen has had a very storied career that dates back to his early teens and spans an impressive body of work and a list of clients that include some of the most respected curators of photography there are.  As you look through some of his earlier street photography, documentary work, and fine art photographs, you can really understand how it all culminates into the current experiment and study of time, light, place, and human existence that "Day to Night" is.  At age 12 Stephen first started taking pictures, and it wasn't long before he was diving head first into the art form and the business of photography.  But it was a trip to the Met that would really change his life, and the paintings there would become some of his greatest influences.  He would go on to study photography in college and work with some amazing mentors like Jay Maisel, and slowly find his own voice in his work.  During our conversation we get the chance to talk about what he has learned from his constant observation of time, and our relationship to it as we get older.  We talk about what keeps him inspired to keep creating and the passion you need for the work you do, and he gives parting words of wisdom to our listeners.  But mostly, we talk about humanity, and what he has learned from years of watching. So enjoy this inspiring conversation with Stephen Wilkes.  To Learn More About Stephen Wilkes Visit:


Episode 50: Alex Strohl / Travel and Lifestyle Photographer and Filmmaker / Co-Founder of Stay and Wander

On this episode of the podcast we sit down with photographer, filmmaker, and adventure traveler, Alex Strohl.  We often get emails from fans of the show requesting to have younger shooters on who have found success in the world of photography and filmmaking at an earlier age.  Alex Strohl definitely fits that bill.  With almost 2 million very active instagram followers, a beautiful "globe-spanning" portfolio, his own content production agency, a well received book, and a list of clients that would make most older veterans jealous, Alex has established himself as a force in this industry no matter what his age is.  Alex grew up in Spain and France with parents who were passionate about life, and a nature loving father who told him stories of travel and adventure in far away places.  It was this upbringing that instilled in him a desire to see the world and to experience what else was out there.  While still in high school, Alex found one of his dad's old Olympus cameras and began to experiment with the medium that would end up being his ticket to the travel he dreamed of.  At age 19, Alex left France and moved to Montreal to study graphic design.  It was there that he met Andrea, his future wife, and together they began to create the type of adventures that Alex would build his portfolio from.  After years on the road shooting and traveling, Alex and Andrea have begun to put down roots in Montana, all the while Alex continues to pursue his own passions and nurtures relationships with clients that many dream of working with.  During this conversation we get the chance to ask Alex how it all started, what it's like creating social media campaigns for others, why he chose Montana to put down roots, what keeps him inspired to create, and what advice he gives to other young shooters coming up in this industry.  So enjoy this conversation with Alex Strohl.  To learn more about Alex Strohl Visit: To learn more about Stay and Wander Visit:


Episode 49: Lucas Gilman / Adventure & Travel Photographer & Filmmaker / Nikon Ambassador

On this episode of the podcast we sit down with Nikon Ambassador and adventure travel photographer and filmmaker Lucas Gilman to hear his story of growing up in the mountains of western Colorado and turning his life long passion for the outdoors into an amazing body of work and a successful career as a photographer and filmmaker.  Fresh off a whirlwind trip through Hawaii, Tahiti, and Iceland, Lucas tells us about a new 8K film project he is working on and what it's like to test outproducts for a company like Nikon. Although Lucas was always inspired by the mountains, it was his father, a fly fishing guide, that gave him his first lessons on making a living by doing what you love.  During his college years at University of Colorado at Boulder, Lucas studied journalism and was soon shooting as a stringer for a large newspaper.  But it wasn't long before the mountains were calling him back to his first love and he started shooting the sports that he had grown up around.  He began building a portfolio of skiing, climbing, and kayaking and forming relationships with some of the top athletes in the world who would eventually help propel him into the spotlight as a respected adventure sports shooter.  Lucas has gone on to work with a huge roster of commercial and editorial clients,  shooting everything from surfing to luxury cars.  During our conversation we get the chance to talk about what Lucas feels is the key to forming long lasting client relationships, what's it like to be a Nikon Ambassador, balancing family life with the hectic schedule of a travel photographer, staying current with the newest trends in photography, and how he stays motivated to keep pushing forward.  So enjoy this conversation and insight into the industry with a photographer who will inspire you to keep growing as an artist.  To Learn More About Lucas Gilman Visit:


Episode 48: Ben Moon / Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Photographer and Filmmaker

On this episode of the podcast we have the opportunity to sit down for an inspiring conversation with photographer, filmmaker, adventure lover, and cancer survivor Ben Moon.  Many of you know Ben from his heartfelt short film "Denali", that chronicled the last days of his dog that had been with him through so much of his life, and became a viral sensation and an award winning piece on the film festival circuit.  Although that film definitely helped push Ben onto the national stage, he had already built a career and a lifestyle that many would admire, working with companies like Patagonia and shooting music videos and photos for several well known musicians.  Growing up in a small Michigan town with a father who preferred to do things his own way, Ben learned the value of self sustainability at an early age and was taught how to live off the land, hunt, and farm for food, and build the things he needed.  Although Ben spent plenty of time in the woods as a kid, it wasn't until his college years that he would began to realize his athletic abilities and a love for rock climbing.  It was through climbing that Ben would decide to make the move out west, freshly married and ready to start a new life.  He settled in Portland and began trying to figure out what the next chapter of his life would look like, but sometimes it's tragedy that sends us in the direction we need.  It would be a fairly heartbreaking divorce that would end up being the driving force for Ben's next chapter and the catalyst to picking up a camera and start a new life.  Ben's early photos were of the things he loved most, and he was fortunate enough to have some good mentors along the way.  Before long he was getting published and formed a relationship with Patagonia that has lived on to this day.  During our talk we get the chance to ask Ben what it was like creating a film that dealt with so many personal issues, how he created his newest piece "Off Season" for Yeti, featuring his road trip with MLB pitcher and fellow photography lover Daniel Norris, and hear about his battle with cancer and how he stayed positive and motivated to beat the odds and return to the life of adventure he loved.  So sit back, listen, and be ready to be inspired from our conversation with Ben Moon.  To Learn More About Ben Moon Visit: To Watch "Denali" Visit: To Watch "The Off Season" Visit:


Episode 47: Dan Winters / Renowned Portrait Photographer, Illustrator, Writer, and Filmmaker

On this episode of the podcast we sit down with renowned portrait photographer, illustrator, writer, and category defying creative, Dan Winters.  Although you might know Dan from his critically acclaimed portraits of iconic celebrities, musicians, and cultural influencers, he has built a reputation for his ability to capture a broad range of subjects, and has produced a dizzying amount of work across an array of genres.  Whether shooting the last shuttle launches for NASA or a portrait of the President, Dan has an ability to interpret the subject at hand with a very unique eye that has been influenced by years of curiosity.  Growing up in a small agricultural town in Southern California, Dan's life could have easily gone in a number of directions.  He was fascinated by entomology as a young kid and learned to raise bees as a member of the local 4-H club.  It was also there that he would first study photography and the darkroom process.  Although photography would stay a part of his life, he seemed to be on a fast track to working in the motion picture industry when he secured a full time job working in miniature construction and design while still in high school for John Dykstra's newly created Apogee Inc.  After a while though, Dan's love of photography won over his attention and he went to college to pursue photojournalism.  Dan started his career shooting for the local news chronicle in Ventura County, but before long he had the opportunity to move to New York and the rest is history.  Dan would go on to be a regular contributor for magazines like Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Wired, and many more, and rack up over 100 national and international awards.  During our conversation with Dan we get the chance to ask him how to properly show diversity in your portfolio, which images he remembers being milestones to his successful career, why he left LA for Austin, TX, and how he manages to juggle so many creative projects.  So sit back and enjoy our conversation with a true legend in the industry. To Learn More About Dan Winters Visit:


Episode 46: Ian Ruhter / Photographer / Alchemist / Wet Plate Collodion Pioneer

On this episode of the podcast we get the chance to talk to photographer, alchemist, wet plate collodion pioneer, and all around inspirational figure Ian Ruhter.  Although many know Ian from the short film "Silver and Light" that instantly burst him onto the public stage, he was a very accomplished shooter years before that.  Ian had created a solid reputation as a talented snowboard photographer with a career trajectory that seemed to be moving quicker than he could have ever anticipated.  He was pushing the limits, and became one of the shooters helping to elevate snowboard photography to a world of complicated lighting schematics and big sets.  The work was fun, the money kept coming, and it seemed inevitable that he would most likely head towards the world of fashion and lifestyle photography.  In the midst of what most would consider "success" however, Ian had an unsettling feeling of dissatisfaction.  He began to lose interest in what he was shooting and started to question the rampant consumerism that he was helping promote.  He then did what most could never imagine doing.  He walked away from all of it and set out on a mission that some told him was impossible.  He built the largest wet plate collodion camera the world had ever seen, that was housed inside a truck, and began touring the country with a reinvigorated passion for photography.  During our conversation we get the chance to ask him what it was like walking away from a career many would kill to have, how he continued to believe in his vision in the midst of so much doubt, what it's like to shoot portraits that sometimes take hours for each plate, how inspiring it was to work closely with actor Gary Oldman teaching him the process of wet plate photography, and what the next chapter holds for Ian and the crew.  So join us for a great story with an amazing "underdog" message of following your dreams.  To Learn More About Ian Ruhter Visit:   Check out their Latest Film "The Carnival of Dreams"


Episode 45: Bruce Gilden / Renowned Street Photographer / Magnum Member

On this episode of the podcast we are joined by renowned street photographer and Magnum member Bruce Gilden. Have you ever found yourself walking down a busy street, looking into the faces of those who walk by, wondering to yourself what they are thinking, or projecting your own emotions or stories into their life? That’s what Bruce has made a living doing. Although some critics have accused his work of being exploitive, after almost two hours of talking and laughing with him, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that the only thing he is exploiting is himself. Whether he sees the family figures he grew up with, the old characters of the streets he used to play in, or the pain and suffering of his own journey and struggles, he connects with faces at a very emotional and gut level. He sees a glimpse of himself and tries to capture it. Growing up in Brooklyn, Bruce used to look out the windows and watch the characters of the city go by. His father was a tough character in his own right and someone Bruce feels like he has photographed over and over again. When Bruce found sports, he started to find his own voice. He excelled in basketball and baseball, but he always wanted to box. Although his father would never allow him to get into boxing, Bruce ended up developing an aggressive one two punch with his style of street photography that he would become famous for. Today we talk about his legendary career and how it all started. We get the chance to hear about some of his favorite places he’s been, what he feels like is a common thread in the people he shoots all over the world, and what’s kept him going for all these years. So sit back and enjoy this conversation about characters from a true character. To Learn More About Bruce Gilden          Visit:


Episode 44: Jeff Johnson / Travel and Adventure Photographer / Director /  Creative Brand Agent for Patagonia

On this episode of the podcast we get the chance to sit down with Patagonia's own photographer, director, and creative brand agent Jeff Johnson.  Although he's currently pretty busy with his newest adventure of being a father to his 15 month old daughter, he's best known for documenting amazing trips around the world as a writer, photographer, surfer, climber, and all around interesting guy.  At a very early age, growing up in a small town in California, Jeff's father would take him on trips into the mountains of Tahoe to go skiing.  It was during this time that the seeds of adventure were planted.  When skateboarding and surfing came into Jeff's life as an early teen, he finally felt like he had found his calling, and the trajectory of what his future would hold took a turn that would lead him to living in Hawaii right after high school.  It was there, on the North Shore of Oahu, that Jeff started to meet some of the characters that would provide an abundance of stories to tell, and the confidence to tell his own.  As he tried to make a living as a flight attendant and a life guard on the North Shore, he started to document his surroundings and trips into his journal, and soon began to incorporate the camera as well.  After one of these documented trips was published by the Surfers Journal, Jeff began to get a little more recognition and soon met the man that would give him the chance of a lifetime, Yvon Chouinard.  Jeff moved to Ventura to work with Patagonia.  During this time, he was introduced to a story about Yvon and Doug Tompkins and he started planning the trip of a lifetime to recreate one of their legendary adventures.  That trip became the documentary 180% South, and the rest is history. Jeff has continued to work with Patagonia and has created a beautiful body of work, becoming an ambassador for Leica in the process.  So sit back and listen to our conversation with Jeff Johnson, and get ready to be inspired to get your maps out and start planning your own epic journey.  To Learn More About Jeff Johnson Visit:


Episode 43: Brian Bielmann / Legendary Surf Photographer

For our first show of 2017, we get the chance to sit down with one of the most legendary surf photographers in the business, Brian Bielmann.  Although Brian can't say he picked up the camera at an early age and knew he wanted to be a photographer like some of our past guests, he did know from a very early age that all he wanted to do was surf.  From there, he made the fairly logical decision that he would be more likely to make it as a surf photographer than a surfer.  To say he won that gamble would be an understatement.  With over 150 magazine covers to his name, a client list full of some of the biggest brands in the world, and close friendships with almost every superstar surfer you could think of, Brian has made his name known in the world of surfing.  Growing up in Virginia, and looking up to his older brother who was already surfing, Brian would take any chance he could to make the drive to surf the Outerbanks of North Carolina.  Once he graduated High School, he immediately made the journey to the North Shore of Oahu to join his brother and finally get a chance to surf the waves he had been dreaming about as a kid.  It was in Hawaii that Brian made the decision he wanted to be a surf photographer.  He began purchasing equipment and telling others of his plans for his new career.  However, it wasn't until an accident that almost killed him and sidelined him from the water that he began to really take the craft of photography seriously.  Before long he began getting his first publications, and the rest, as they say, is history.  On this episode we get the chance to talk music and vinyl collections, what it's like swimming Pipeline at age 59, how hard it is to make money in the current world of surf photography, and how he stays relevant in a young man's game.  So join us in a fun conversation with a guy who has definitely got some stories to tell.  To Learn More About Brian Beilmann Visit:


Episode 42: Michael Clark / Renowned Adventure Sports, Travel, & Landscape Photographer

On this week's episode of the podcast, we sit down with photographer, author, teacher, and all around nice guy Michael Clark.  He's become one of the most respected adventure sports photographers around, working with huge clients like Red Bull, Nikon, and Adobe, as well as almost every sports brand and publication you can think of.  But photography wasn't always his first choice.  Although he showed early promise as a talented artist, Michael chose to study physics in college and pursued a career in science right out of school.  Rock climbing had also come into his life around this time however, and before long he realized that his true calling was to travel and climb. He quit his job in the university physics department and took off on a road trip that would last years.  During that time, the camera became a familiar appendage to capture the adventures that were now ruling his life.  Climbing photography would be what propelled Michael into the world of professional photography, but his science background would have him constantly looking to deepen his knowledge of photography, and soon he found himself immersed in the world of adventure sports in general.  Michael would go on to travel the globe, working with a huge list of editorial and corporate clients.  He also began to teach others how he achieved the looks he was known for in several published books.  During our conversation, we get the chance to ask Michael how adventure sports photography might lead to flow states of consciousness, how the pressure of "getting the shot" gets amplified when athletes are putting their lives on the line, and how he continues to evolve as a photographer after all these years of shooting.  So enjoy our conversation with Michael Clark.  To Learn More About Michael Clark Visit:      


Episode 41: Glen E. Friedman / Renowned Music and Skateboard Photographer / Artist

On this episode of the podcast, we sit down with renowned photographer Glen E. Friedman.  To take a look through some of Friedman's archive is like stepping back into time and getting the chance to live through the subcultures he was there to bare witness to.  He created images that would help define a generation.  From the Dogtown Days of skateboarding with Tony Alva and Jay Adams, to the raw energy of punk with Black Flag and Minor Threat, to the early days of hip hop with the Beastie Boys and Run DMC, Friedman was there with a camera in hand.  The list of recognizable names and artists that he helped visually introduce to the world goes on and on and stands as a testament to his own taste in what he thought was important to photograph.  From a very early age, Glen E. Friedman was attracted to photography and began to realize that some of the people that were shooting the culture he was a part of didn't seem to know how to approach it.  By the age of 15 he was getting published in Skateboarder magazine, and a few years later he was shooting the punk bands that had begun to become the soundtrack of his own rebellious attitude.  After venturing into a new endeavor of managing and producing an album for Suicidal Tendencies, Friedman started to get turned on to some of the new sounds of hip hop coming out of New York.  It wasn't long before he became friends with Rick Ruben and Russell Simmons and started shooting some of the iconic album covers that those of us that lived through the 80s and early 90s will definitely remember.  Through it all, Friedman always stayed passionate about photography, and tried to only shoot the things that he was moved by.  During our conversation we get the chance to ask Friedman what he thinks the next youth movement will be, what it's like to work with some of the biggest names in music, and the advice he gives to others about following their passion.  So enjoy our conversation with Glen E. Friedman.  To Learn More About Glen E. Friedman Visit:


Episode 40: Joel Grimes / Commercial Photographer / Canon Explorer of Light / Teacher

On this episode of the podcast we sit down with Commercial Photographer, Canon Explorer of Light, and Teacher Joel Grimes.  As a kid, Joel was always creative, but it wasn't until his freshman year in high school that Joel finally picked up a camera and knew that he had found the art form he was looking for.  Although Joel had some early success in the world of photography and was building a national client base, it wasn't until he decided to completely reinvent himself, and his overall look, that he suddenly burst on to the scene as a recognizable name.  Using a three light setup, composites, and somewhat of a grunge look, Joel became a very sought after commercial shooter.  Soon he began teaching others how he created the look and realized that he really enjoyed teaching. After several public speaking events, he created a video tutorial system and started teaching his own personal workshops across the country.  Joel has gone onto to shoot some of world's top athletes, worked on huge ad campaigns, and continued to help others to realize their own dreams in photography.  During this conversation we get the chance to ask Joel what has kept him excited about photography for all of these years, how he deals with sometimes being "pigeonholed" for a certain aesthetic, the amount of personal projects he tries to challenge himself with every year, and the advice he gives to others on building a portfolio.  So enjoy this talk with Joel Grimes.  To Learn More About Joel Grimes Visit: To Learn More About Joel's Workshops Visit:


Episode 39: Pete McBride / National Geographic Photographer / Filmmaker / Writer / Speaker

On this episode of the podcast we get the opportunity to speak with National Geographic photographer, filmmaker, and writer Pete McBride.  Pete tells us about growing up on a ranch outside of Aspen, Colorado and the first time he remembers picking up a camera.  From his early days as a kid helping his dad herd cattle, to all the days he spent skiing in the mountains, he felt a calling to study land management and the environment around him.  It was this interest, and trying to write for publications on those topics, that finally led him to photography.  Pete quickly gravitated towards travel, adventure, and expedition work.  He wanted to take photos of the far away places and people he had always dreamed about, but he soon began to become disenfranchised with what he would call "adventure porn" and realized there was a story in his own back yard.  Although he had grown up around the Colorado River, Pete realized how little he really understood about it's history and it's destination.  He soon set out to produce a story about the river which would lead him on a path to becoming what National Geographic would call a "freshwater hero".  Since then, Pete has continued to document rivers, people, places, and the story of the planet, and has inspired many others to look at the world around them a little closer.  During this conversation we got the chance to ask Pete what keeps him from getting burned out, how to present a story and not just photography, why he stayed in Colorado after all the years of travel, and what advice he gives to those dreaming of one day working for National Geographic.  So enjoy our conversation with someone out there helping to tell the stories that need to be told.  To Learn More About Pete McBride Visit:


Episode 38: David Alan Harvey / Legendary Magnum Photographer and Teacher

On this episode of the podcast we get the chance to sit down with legendary Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey and talk about the universal language of photography and those who have risen to the level of poets.  His love for this language started at a very early age.  As a child, stricken with polio and confined to hospital wards, David spent a lot of time looking through books and magazines, experiencing what was going on in the outside world through photographs. He also had a lot of time to search the depths of his developing personality and passions and get a head start on knowing who he was and what he wanted to be.  It wasn't until later though, while on a camping trip at the age of 12, that David looked out of his tent one morning and wondered why he didn't have a camera to capture the beautiful scene he was staring at.  From that moment on, David would pursue the art of photography and would stop at nothing less than achieving the dreams he had started to envision.  From his early days as a newspaper photographer, working under another legend in the photo world Rich Clarkson, to his 7 years as a staff photographer with National Geographic, to finally finding his home with Magnum, David has traveled the world many times over trying to tell the human story.  He's won countless awards, published a huge list of books, and has been featured in galleries around the world, but he's still not satisfied and he's definitely not done. We talk about what has kept him inspired and motivated for all these years, what advice he gives to others about creating work that matters, and where he pulls the most inspiration from.  So enjoy our conversation with a photography icon.  To Learn More About David Alan Harvey Visit:   To Learn More About Burn Magazine Visit:


Episode 37:  Jason Lee / Photographer / Actor / Skateboarder

This week on the show we get the chance to talk with Actor, Skateboarder, Entrepreneur, and, most important to this show, avid film photographer Jason Lee.  Whether you know him from his days as a cutting edge professional street skater, his cult classic character Brodie in "Mall Rats", the lead singer of Stillwater in "Almost Famous", or everyone's favorite apologist Earl Hickey, you definitely know him.  What you might not have known, is that Jason Lee has spent the last 16 years devouring everything he could learn about film photography and creating a beautiful body of work with an amazing collection of vintage cameras.  Recently he partnered up with Refueled Magazine to create a limited addition coffee table book of his peel apart polaroid work that features images from his travels across the American West.  They are currently working on the second edition and Jason has plans on returning to the road in his old truck to continue shooting.  On this episode we talk about the early days of street skating, the influence that Mark Gonzales had on him, what made him want to be an actor, working with directors like Kevin Smith and Cameron Crowe, and what made him pick up a camera in the first place.  Jason has gone on to help inspire others to have a passion for film photography by starting Film Photographic, an online curated forum for people to show their work, with more plans coming soon.  To Learn More About Jason Lee's Photography Visit:  To Learn More About his Book with Refueled Magazine Visit:


Episode 36: Scott Serfas / Renowned Snowboard & Action Sports Photographer

We're back!! And since winter is in the air, we thought it would be appropriate to kick off Season 2 of the podcast with someone who is definitely familiar with winter, and has been providing us with some inspirational snowboard photos for years.  On this episode of the podcast we talk to Snowboard and Action Sports Photographer Scott Serfas.  He tells us about growing up in the suburbs of Vancouver and the event that would have him trading in his dreams of being a proffesional skier for a snowboard and never looking back.  It was his love of the mountains, and his desire to figure out a way to stay in them, that finally led him to try his hand at photography after walking away from a job in the trades as a plumber.  Although his parents weren't too excited about seeing their son leave a good paying job, it wasn't long before he had landed several publications and started getting some of the validation he needed to think maybe it might work.  Since those early published photos, Scott has gone on to be one of Transworld Snow's most veteran senior photographers and has had the opportunity to shoot all over the world for companies like Red Bull and Brain Farm Media.  During our conversation we got the chance to ask Scott how he stays motivated to keep shooting, how he balances his family life with a professional life of travel, how he stays relevant in the world of action sports, what it's like to have to be the old guy in the room surrounded by young athletes, and what motivated him to partner up in other ventures like his own snowboard company.  It was a fun conversation that we think you'll enjoy and hopefully have you out there looking for adventures of your own.  To Learn More About Scott Serfas Visit:


Episode 35: David Carson / World Renowned Graphic Designer / Art Director

David Carson is considered by many to be one of the most influential graphic designers in the world.  From his early days with Transworld Skateboard Magazine, to his days at Ray Gun Magazine, to the work he's done for some of the biggest corporations in the world, David has always been leading the charge to push the limits of design.  On this episode of the podcast we get the opportunity to sit down with the legendary designer and talk about growing up in California, his pro surfing career, and what made him leave a secure teaching job to become a graphic designer.   Whether you think you know David's work or not, you've most likely been around it and even influenced by it.  It was his cutting edge typography  and "out of the box" ideas on design that began to create the graphic aesthetic that would come to represent skateboarding and so much of the southern Californian culture and would go on to find it's way in branding all over the world.  David grew up surfing at a young age and soon found he had what it took at the time to become a nationally ranked pro on the competition circuit.  After graduating from college with a degree in Sociology, David went on to work jobs in the surf industry before settling down as a teacher at a prestigious school.  But it would be a chance encounter with a graphic design seminar that would end up changing his life and pointing him down the path towards a creative career.  On this episode we talk abouthow he approaches each design job, what it takes to make it in the creative world, what he feels sets a good photographer's work apart from others, and what he thinks of the current state of design.  So sit back and enjoy this two hour conversation with David Carson.  To Learn More About David Carson Visit:


Episode 34: Dylan Gordon / Travel and Surf Photographer

Photographer, surfer, and intrepid traveler Dylan Gordon joins us on the podcast fresh off a trip from Cuba to talk about his current success as a young shooter who has quickly created a client list that many would dream of.  Already, at age 24, he has had the opportunity to travel the world many times over in search of a good composition. Dylan tells us about growing up on a horse ranch in California and the early inspiration he would receive from his very talented father who passed away while Dylan was still in college.  It was during that time that Dylan would realize that one of the greatest gifts his dad had given him was a work ethic and drive that kept him pushing towards his goals of becoming a photographer during a difficult time in his life.  After getting the opportunity to intern with another one of our guests Chris Burkard, and really seeing some of the hustle that went into production and going after clients, Dylan set out on his own and soon got the opportunity to work with Surfer magazine.  With each new milestone he accomplished, Dylan continued to shoot more subject matter, inspired to tell the story of the interesting people around him.  Whether he was shooting motorcycle culture for the clothing company Iron and Resin in his new hometown of Ventura, or travel images of the people of Mongolia, Dylan approached each assignment with a fresh look and genuine interest in the subject and people involved.  Although Dylan is one of the youngest guests we've had on the show, he has already produced a beautiful body of work and has become a sought after shooter by many companies.  He's a prime example of what we have always argued that there are plenty of hard workers and hustlers coming out the younger generation.  So sit back and get inspired to take an epic vacation by listening to our conversation with Dylan Gordon.  To Learn More About Dylan Gordon Visit:


Episode 33: Atiba Jefferson / Renowned Skateboard Photographer and Entrepreneur

What other photographer can say they were a character in a video game?  That's a great jumping off point to start talking about the storied career of photographer Atiba Jefferson. Although he's had the opportunity to shoot everything from the NBA to celebrity portraiture, it was the world of skateboarding that changed Atiba's life and helped create the amazing body of work he has today.  On this episode of the podcast we talk about his humble beginnings in a small town in Colorado with his single mom and twin brother, and his early passion for skateboarding and the culture that surrounded it.  It was the bad luck of a broken hand that first put a camera in front of Atiba, but once he started seeing the black and white film come to life in the solution, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.  Through a series of "right time / right place" circumstances, and the hustlers mentality and work ethic that comes from being raised by a single mom, Atiba went on to head to Southern California and chase his dream of being a skateboard photographer.  He quickly began to move through the ranks and soon found himself working with the top pros in the industry and publishing with the magazines he had read as a kid.  We talk about what Atiba thinks it took to get his foot in the door and how that evolved into shooting some of the biggest names in the NBA and the music industry.  We also talk about the business opportunities outside of photography that he has gone on to be a part of, including opening several bars, a coconut water company, and helping to create the Skate Board Mag.  After years of shooting, and what most would call a lot of success in the industry, Atiba has some thoughts and advice on how to stay creative, not get burnt out, and keep making great work.  To Learn More About Atiba Jefferson Visit:


Episode 32: Tim Kemple / Photographer / Director / Camp 4 Collective

Photographer, Director, and Co-Founder of Camp 4 Collective Tim Kemple sits down with us for this episode of the podcast to talk about some of his many adventures in the world of photography and filmmaking.  Kemple tells us about his early childhood in New Hampshire and the influence that came from his family.  His father loved climbing and the outdoors and they would often load up the Dodge Caravan for long road trips out west to explore places like Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was only fitting then, at age 17 when his other friends were taking vacations to Hampton Beach, that Kemple took the path less traveled and set out on his own road trip with a group of friends to experience the world of climbing that they had read about in magazines.  It was this trip where the camera started to become a tool to document his travels, but it would be later during his college years that he really started to see the potential.  After landing some editorial assignments, Tim started to think that he could possibly make a career out of shooting.  After graduating with a Microbiology degree, he set out on a "dirt bag" adventure in a newly purchased RV that would eventually lead him to a home in Salt Lake City.  It would be there that he would set up base for what would become Camp 4 Collective, a media company that would go on to shoot amazing photography and cinematography for a huge list of clients and produce some jaw dropping content that showcased some of the word's most beautiful destinations. So join in on our conversation where we talk about everything from what it takes to create a look of your own in the world of photography, to his daily routines and exercise that help him chase some of the most elite athletes into the mountains. To Learn More About Tim Kemple Visit:   To Learn More About Camp 4 Collective Visit:


Episode 31: Chris Burkard / Photographer / Creative Director / Speaker / Author

Today on the podcast we catch up with photographer Chris Burkard as he drives down a highway somewhere in the American West.  Although Chris does not like to be referred to as an instagram photographer, it was his beautiful feed that first led us to his work and his message of getting outdoors and communing with nature.  Chris' early days as an artist and his love of painting come through when you look at his large landscapes that he captures with his camera.  The layers of light, color, and a well placed subject help put you in the places he gets to visit.  Although he still lives in the small Central California beach town that he grew up in, Chris has traveled the world extensively and has a true gift for bringing the viewer with him to amazing remote locations through his photography.  He has an infectious attitude and an amazing work ethic, which has allowed him to become a sought after public speaker, including his own Ted X talk about the joy of surfing in ice cold water.  Chris gave us two different opportunities to sit down and talk with him and we have a bit of a story to tell when it comes to that.  So join in on a road conversation with one of our most requested guests.  We talk about the inspiration that nature can give you, finding your own vision as a self taught photographer, leaving a legacy with your work, finding what you are passionate about shooting, and creating a look you can call your own.  To Find Out More About Chris Burkard Visit:


Episode 30: Ben Horton / National Geographic Explorer & Photographer

National Geographic Explorer and Photographer Ben Horton joins us on the podcast to talk about shooting everything from fashion, to commercial work, to sharks and his newest adventure of starting his own agency Access Network.  Ben tells us stories of growing up in Bermuda with his brother and his artist parents and what would become the foundation of a very creative and DIY mindset.  His father went from cartoonist to being one of the most respected sculptors in America showing Ben and his brother an ethos of what was possible if you put your mind to it, and what "making it" in the creative industry looks like.  Ben's mother, the photographer of the family, gave him a camera at an early age.  When his parents moved the family to Colorado and he began becoming attracted to the mountain lifestyle, the camera started becoming a frequently used tool.  One summer Ben's parents decided they wanted the brothers to travel the world together in order to build a better bond and soon they were telling stories of adventures in New Zealand, Africa, and many other destinations.  During that time Ben started to realize that he wanted to document some of the travesties happening to the planet and before long he was awarded the first ever National Geographic Young Explorers Grant.  That would change his life forever and send him on many more adventures with one of the most iconic names you can put on your resume.  Today we talk about what it looks like to be a National Geographic Photographer, how many times you have to raise the bar on the goals you set for your career, the ups and downs of the creative life, and looking towards the future of photography and business.  To Learn More About Ben Horton Visit:


Episode 29: Ami Vitale / National Geographic Photographer & Nikon Ambassador

National Geographic Photographer and Nikon Ambassador Ami Vitale joins us on the show today, fresh off a return trip from China where she has been working on a project shooting the re-intergration of captive born Pandas to the wild.  Although she is not known as a wildlife photographer, she has been thoroughly tested behind the lens and enjoys the pressure of stepping out of her comfort zone and approaching a new subject with an outsider's perspective.  Ami grew up in South Florida and had a yearning to get out and see the world at a young age.  Even then, she rejected the non stop development of her home town and felt the pull towards protecting the natural environment.  After a stint working for the AP News, she finally decided to take the leap and travel the world with a camera in hand and document the human condition.  During her extensive travels around the globe to over 90 countries, she has established herself as a presence in the world of photography and built a career that many people dream of.  She has shot everything from conflict areas to rhinos and has had the opportunity to speak on many stages to talk about her adventures behind the lens.  On this episode we talk about her love of nature, her desire to help tell the true story of the people and places that are so often misrepresented, what helps to keep her inspired to continue to create, and both of our mixed emotions and sometimes strained relationships with managing social media accounts.  So enjoy this conversation with an inspiring and adventurous woman that proves that you can create the life you want if you work hard enough at it.  To Learn More About Ami Vitale Visit:


Episode 28:  Kohl Norville / Award Winning Director & Producer / Director of Content for Motive Made Studios

When award winning director and producer Kohl Norville first set out to try and create his own commercial on spec, it ended up becoming Heineken's signature piece that they aired during the Olympics.  Not bad for a first attempt.  After years of working with ad agencies, and a background in graphic design and art direction, Kohl wanted the opportunity to try and get behind the camera and help create video pieces to go along with some of the advertising ideas he had in his head. Once he hit the first one out of the park for Heineken, the doors began to open for the chance to keep trying.  Kohl would go on to make many memorable commercial spots for a huge roster of clients and continue to hone his skills not only as a director, but as a collaborator and curator of new rising talent.  Recently Kohl was named the director of content for Motive Made Studios and has had the opportunity to help create and direct content for the last three Super Bowls, as well as work on a new documentary series highlighting the effects that fracking and the oil industry has had on California.  On this episode we talk to Kohl about what it takes to get in the door with ad agencies, the future of content creation and the platforms it will live, the challenges of balancing family life with a very busy work schedule, and the day to day hustle it takes to be successful in the creative field.  To Learn More About Kohl Norville Visit: To Learn More About "Spotlight California Visit


Episode 27:  J Grant Brittain / Legendary Skateboard Photographer and Editor

Legendary skateboard photographer, editor, and mentor J Grant Brittain joins us on the podcast.  Not only do we talk about his history with photography, but we talk about the history of skateboarding as a whole, and his ever-present role as it evolved into an industry.  Like a lot of kids who grew up in Southern California, Grant fell in love with surfing at an early age, but when the waves weren't good they would ride skateboards and pretend they were still surfing.  After high school he really just wanted to surf and skate, but started taking classes at the local Jr. College and wondered what would come next.  It wasn't until he took a job at the newly constructed Del Mar Skate Ranch that his life as we know it now started taking shape.  One day he borrowed a friend's camera to try and shoot photos of some of the skaters he knew, and from then on he was hooked.  He began to take photography classes at school, and soon was submitting photos to all the skateboard publications he could. This would lead to the opportunity to submit some of his work to the newly formed Transworld Skateboard Magazine and land him the position of Photo Editor and Senior Photograper.  Grant would go on to spend 20 years at Transworld and would be there to witness the rise, fall, and rise again of the skateboard industry.  From a young prodigy named Tony Hawk changing the world of vert ramps forever, to Mark Gonzales making street skating a work of art, Grant was always present with camera in hand. After his long stint with Transworld, Grant left to help create The Skateboard Mag, where he still is today.  At age 60 he's still going strong and remains a large presence in the world of skateboarding.  To Learn More About J Grant Brittain Visit:   To Learn More About The Skateboard Mag Visit:


Episode 26: Embry Rucker / Adventure Lifestyle and Commercial Photographer

Photographer and Director Embry Rucker joins us on the podcast today.  We talk about growing up on a farm in Kentucky and his love for exploring the world around him at an early age.  Whether he was riding a horse or his dirt bike, he would roam around their 20 acres with endless possibilities of adventure.  When he was in middle school, a teacher turned him on to rock climbing and quickly he found himself scouring the pages of climbing publications and dreaming of the Rocky Mountains.  After graduating High School he was fulfilling that dream and living in Wyoming, studying English Literature.  He would spend his free time snowboarding and mountain biking and pretty soon fell in love with photography and decided he was done spending so much time trying to figure out what Steinbeck was trying to say.  Before long, and after a couple more moves, he found himself in Oregon shooting photos of the friends around him in the snowboarding community.  It was those early snowboard photos that would lead him into the successful career he has today.  After years of snowboarding photography, and even a stint as the photo editor at Transworld Snowboard Magazine, he soon began experimenting with incorporating more portrait work and lighting scenarios into his assignments and before long bigger companies were calling for commercial work.  Today we talk about maintaining a drive to want to shoot, social media challenges, balancing work life with family life, and sometimes needing to check out and enjoy some "me" time.  To Learn More About Embry Rucker Visit:


Episode 25: Joseph Victor Stefanchik / Commercial Photographer / Personal Photo Coach

Commercial photographer and mentor Joseph Victor Stefanchick (aka JVS) has been around the block in the world of photography.  From his early years growing up in New Jersey shooting skateboarding, to his many years working as a freelance photojournalist for the Washington Post, he's tried a bit of it all and isn't done experimenting yet.  Whether he was shooting sports, world politics, weddings, or food, Joseph always tried to keep a clean consistent look and embrace the new world around him while listening to what those that would become his mentors had to say.  It was this positive attitude and willingness to learn that led him to work with a large list of editorial and commercial clients.  Throughout all the incarnations of his career, he has managed to never fall out of love with photography and has now devoted a lot of his time to helping others develop their own skills through his company Personal Photo Coach.  In the last ten years, he's had the opportunity to teach seminars all over the world and work with organization like WPPI.  Today we talk about how he got turned on to photography at an early age, the inspiration that skateboarding can have on living a creative lifestyle, trying to keep a consistent look while being inundated with other people's styles, and what has helped him stay busy and focused after many years of professional photography.  Joseph has a great outlook on the business of photography in today's day and age and helps put a positive spin on what some might see as negative aspects of the current trends.  To Learn More About Joseph Victor Stefanchick Visit:  To Learn More About Personal Photo Coach Visit:


Episode 24: Aaron Brimhall / Commercial Lifestyle and Travel Photographer

Photographer, traveler, and motorcycle enthusiast Aaron Brimhall has one of those instagram feeds that makes you want to step into his shoes for a bit as you look through the images.  Although he might be a little sick of being referred to as a "motorcycle photographer", it was those early motorcycle images and overall aesthetic that first got us turned on to his work and had us wanting to leave the studio early for the day and go ride.  He grew up in Salt Lake City and had early inspirations of making it as a snowboarder.  After meeting his girlfriend, and future wife, who got him started with photography, he started carrying a camera and trying to document the sport and lifestyle surrounding him.  A couple of years after graduating High School, the two of them decided to move to Guam.  Aaron began surfing and shooting constantly and soon became the personal photographer of the governor.  After a while, they decided to come back to Utah, but the travel bug was there and soon they were off on their next adventure.  After many trips, and a ton of images, Aaron has developed a reconizable style of his own and has begun to attract the attention of commercial and editorial clients alike. Today we talk about the competitive nature of photography as a young person, the inspiration that comes from traveling the world, and what helps to keep Aaron working so hard towards his goals.  To Learn More About Aaron Brimhall Visit:


Episode 23: Lee Morris / Fstoppers Co-Founder / Photographer

One of the first things I noticed while talking with Fstoppers Co-Founder and Photographer Lee Morris, was that he is brutally honest with himself about his abilities, level of talent, and the validity of any goals he might have set for himself.  He's always been creative, but it took him a little while to figure out where that creativity would lead him.  At an early age, while growing up in the south, he had dreams of being an animator.  When he had the opportunity to pursue that dream however, he made one of his earliest self critiques, and decided that he didn't have the level of talent that some of the other young artists had.  This attitude would continue through several endeavors until he found himself armed with a camera, taking headshots on the college campus.  That soon led him to the world of wedding photography and the slow build of creating a business and an easy going lifestyle based around it.  One day while talking to his good friend and fellow wedding photographer Patrick Hall, the two of them decided it would be a good idea to try and start a website devoted to teaching some of the techniques they wished they could have learned sooner.  That website would become Fstoppers and it would go on to become a very well known online photography community and education platform.  On this episode of the podcast we sit down with Lee to talk about the future of online education, what he feels like is the best way to deal with commercial clients, and what he says is a guaranteed way to succeed in the world of photography.  To Learn More About Lee Morris Visit:


Episode 22: Jeff Curtes / Renowned Snowboard and Commercial Lifestyle Photographer

If you were a fan of snowboarding during the 90s, then you are already familiar with Jeff Curtes' work.  During that time he dominated the pages of Transworld Snowboarding and signed with Burton Snowboards as the principle photographer.  He would go on to produce some of the most iconic images of Burton's elite team of riders for the next 20 years.  He was there to watch as the small sport of snowboarding became an industry and children like Shaun White grew up to be dominate athletes and business men.   Through it all, Curtes was a steady presence of consistent work with an easy going attitude based around the fact that he was just trying to have fun as well.  On this episode of the podcast we sit down and talk about growing up in a small town outside of Milwaukee and, together with his younger brother Joe, falling in love with snowboarding at an early age.  When his brother began to start winning all the competitions, and the sport began to take notice, Jeff decided to focus on documenting the world of snowboarders he was surrounded by.  Before long he was being published and the rest is history.  After many years of being totally immersed in the world of snowboarding, Jeff has moved on with other commercial and adventure lifestyle work, and is looking at what the next phase of his career might hold.  He currently shares space on RXR's very impressive roster of photographers, filmmakers, and athletes.  It's a great conversation about doing what you love and having fun while you do it.  To Learn More About Jeff Curtes Visit:


Episode 21: Corey Rich / Nikon Ambassador / Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker

When Nikon Ambassador and Adventure Photographer and Filmmaker Corey Rich was in middle school, he won a contest for the most pull ups a student could do with a whopping number of 35.  After seeing this, one of the teachers at the school put the idea in his head that he should try rock climbing.  Shortly after, he went on a trip to try climbing for the first time and it changed his life forever.  Corey was hooked, and he began climbing whenever he possibly could.  Pretty soon he decided he would take his dad's camera out on a trip to try and capture some visual proof of what he was up to. That's when the two passions that would shape his future and his career came together.  Corey would go on to build a huge portfolio as a climbing photographer first, which would eventually lead him it create an ever-growing list of commercial and editorial clients.  As an early adopter of SLR video capabilities, Corey became fascinated with adding motion work to his abilities and soon became just as busy as a filmmaker as he was a photographer.  He is currently on Nikon's prestigious list of ambassadors and travels all over the world.  Today, we sit down with Corey to talk about growing up in a small California town, and about his recent Ted Talk on embracing discomfort.  This a great conversation in which we really dive deep into battling some of your own demons, and where Corey gives advice on what he feels like helps you be successful and stay creative.  To learn More About Corey Rich Visit:


Episode 20: Dixie Dixon / Nikon Ambassador / Commercial Photographer

From an early age Dixie Dixon loved taking pictures and using the darkroom in her parents home.  She had been exposed to photography by her father and it had been somewhat of a tradition passed down in the family.  She split her creative time between a love of photography and a love of music.  She played in a lot of bands growing up, giving her an opportunity to perfect her performance chops that would later come in handy as a public speaker.  Once she went to college, she opted to focus most of her attention on business in an entrepreneur program, but continued to study art and photography as well.  On a whim, she decided to try and apply for a study abroad program in Europe.  She ended up assisting a fashion photographer and learning a lot about lighting, as well as the interaction between the photographer and the model.  Many more opportunities would arise, and soon Dixie found herself in demand and shooting for a TV show that had her traveling the world.  Dixie has gone on to have a very successful career for such a young commercial photographer.  She has an ever-growing list of high profile clients and the honor of calling herself a Nikon Ambassador.  To Learn More About Dixie Dixon Visit:


Episode 19: Anson Fogel / Director / Camp 4 Collective

From a very early age Anson Fogel realized he had a passion for film.  He was a creative kid, living in rural areas of the Rocky Mountains, and sometimes sought refuge in movies and art.  He loved creating things and soon found himself trying to make short videos with his friends in Middle School.  Although that love never went away, Fogel pursued business and engineering for a while and ended up heading a successful company.  It was not until the money started coming in that he realized that it wasn't just "success" that he was chasing after all and he returned to his original love of filmmaking.  He slowly worked his way through the ranks on commercial film sets, from AC to DP to his current role as a Director.  After winning the grand prize at the Banff Film Festival in 2011, he began to meet a lot of people in the outdoor/adventure community and would soon end up partnering with some of them in the formation of Camp 4 Collective.  With his expertise in making TV commercials and his love of narrative story telling, Fogel began creating a look and feel that is very unique and quickly started working with an elite roster of clients.  He has some opinions on why he thinks he was able to create a career for himself in such a competitive industry and he shares that with our listeners on this episode of the podcast.  So sit back and enjoy our conversation.......To Learn More About Anson Fogel Visit: 


Episode 18: Peter Hurely / Renowned Headshot Photographer and Public Speaker

Peter Hurley has some stories to tell and an infectious personality that keeps you wanting more. From his early days as a competitive sailor on the US team, to his years as a model working with legendary photographers like Bruce Weber, to his current status as one of the country's leading headshot photographers, he's lived a full life and he's not close to being done yet.  Although Hurley definitely had a few lucky rolls of the dice, and some amazing mentors that would come into his life, he has made a career for himself through a serious work ethic and a hunger to keep learning and growing as an artist and an entrepreneur.  Peter gives us a behind the scenes look into the life of a busy photographer and businessman. He has not only had success behind the lens, but has created the largest network of headshot and portrait photographers in the world with The Headshot Crew, and has become a leading voice in photography education.  His honesty and insight into what he feels like has made him successful make this a "must listen" episode of the podcast.  To Learn More About Peter Hurley Visit:    To Learn More About the Headshot Crew Visit:


Episode 17: Rich Clarkson / Legendary Photographer / Founder and President of Clarkson Creative

American Photo Magazine once named Rich Clarkson as one of the top 50 most influential individuals in American Photography.  After talking with him for an hour, we definitely understand why.  From his early years behind the lens, shooting what would become some very iconic images for Sport Illustrated, to his position as the Director of Photography for National Geographic, Rich has had a storied career spanning 7 decades and still going strong.  He currently heads up Clarkson Creative, the company he founded, and leads workshop retreats all over the country featuring some of today's top shooters.  He has seen the photography world grow and change from the early days of film, to the current state of digital technology, and has somehow continued to stay on top of the game and be a relevant voice to a younger generation.  To say the man has some stories would be an understatement.  It's like hanging out with your grandpa, if your grandpa was once shooting black and white portraits of a college aged Wilt Chamberlain when he played for the Kansas Jayhawks.  This is by far the most veteran photographer we have had on the show, and it will be hard to set the bar any higher.  So sit back and enjoy our conversation with a legend of the industry.  To Learn More About Rich Clarkson Visit:


Episode 16:  Melissa Rodwell / Fashion Photographer / Co-Founder of Breed and Alice Magazine NYC

At an early age, Melissa Rodwell found herself flipping through the pages of her Mom's copies of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue Magazine.  She quickly became fascinated by fashion and inspired with the culture that surrounded it.  After having the opportunity to see a Helmut Newton exhibition in Paris at the age of 17, she saw the possibility of combining a love of fashion with her new love of photography.   Melissa studied at the prestigious Art Center in California and started learning the craft that would soon take her all over the world.  During that time she found a lot of inspiration from her true love of Rock 'n' Roll Music and the burgeoning punk scene happening in LA during the 80s.  She would go on to take that aesthetic and create a look that would put her into the very pages of the magazines she loved as a child.  After years of shooting, she decided to take a hiatus and ended up stumbling into the world of blogging. This would eventually lead her to create her company Breed, that provides online education and insider information to people in the world of Fashion Photography.  Melissa continues to create beautiful fashion work and has returned to her original love of rock music to create her newest project Alice Magazine, which combines fashion, music, and the rock aesthetic.  Join us as we hear an in-depth version of this story and some inspiring advice from Melissa Rodwell.  To Learn More About Melissa Rodwell Visit:

**This Episode is brought to you by Breed providing you with online education and an insider's view into the world of Fashion Photography and the business surrounding it.  Use the promo code visualrevolutionary at check out to receive $50.00 off any online class download.   To Learn More About Alice Magazine Visit:


Episode 15: Rob Frost / Adventure and Documentary Filmmaker

Adventure and documentary filmmaker / photographer Rob Frost hobbled into our studio recently after going through an experimental new surgery to help rebuild his shattered heel after a climbing accident.  Although his mood was hopeful and positive about the recovery ahead, we got a chance to dive into some of the darkness that exists when you are sidelined from an injury and not able to do the work you love and forced to reevaluate the things you hold dear.  Rob tells us about growing up a young rambunctious kid in the northeast and pushing the limits with his friends even then.  He was a ski racer at a young age, but soon fell in love with rock climbing.  After college, he found himself working as a climbing guide but started to work on a small movie about the local climbing scene that would quickly change his life.  After the movie found it's way to the Banff Film Festival and helped Rob launch a new career path, he quickly began to attract the attention of others and began to travel the world shooting the adventures he loved.  Rob has had the opportunity to shoot for a huge roster of clients, cover the world famous Iditarod dog sled race for years, and was nominated for an Emmy for the work he did for 60 minutes filming a piece about the free soloist climber Alex Honnald.  We wish Rob the best of luck and the speediest of recoveries and hope to see him hanging from a rope soon doing what he loves best.  Learn More About Rob Frost At:


Episode 14: Mike Blabac / Renowned Skateboard & Action Sports Photographer

When Mike Blabac was called upon to be the photographer to document Danny Way jumping his skateboard over The Great Wall of China, there was no doubt in his mind that he had what it took to get the right shot.  He had literally prepared most of his life for this type of pressure. From the ripe old age of 11 years old, Blabac was shooting with his first DSLR camera and developing his own photos in the darkroom.   The only passion that was bigger, and more time consuming, was his love of skateboarding.  At age 20, Blabac moved out to San Francisco to pursue skateboarding.  Before long his two passions finally intersected, and he found himself shooting photos for some of the sponsored skateboarders he was hanging out with.  The rest, as they say, is history.  He would go on to become the head photographer for DC Shoe Company and have his fingerprints on some of the most iconic skate and action sports photos in the last 20 years.  He has worked with some of the biggest names in actions sports, as well getting the opportunity to produce commercial work for a "whose who" roster of corporate clients.  Through all of it, Blabac has kept a very humble attitude, and continues to have a deep love for photography and the access to interesting people and great adventures that it provides.  Learn More About Mike Blabac at


Episode 13: Nick Rosen / Writer/Director/Producer / Sender Films

Although Nick Rosen isn't quite sure how much he remembers of his earliest years of life as the son of "Back to the Land" hippies on a rural commune style farm in Quebec, there is no doubt that some of their radical ideas and behavior rubbed off on him and helped shaped the idealistic foundation that would have Nick traveling the world looking for a revolution of his own.  Nick tells us about living with the Zapatistas in Mexico, about seeing the world trade center go down from the apartment he was living in, about sailing with friends and rock climbing in different areas around the world, and about finally re-uniting with his long time friend Pete Mortimer to help build what would become Sender Films.  After years of writing, Nick would become a very integral part of the storytelling side of things of a film company that was quickly earning respect.  Nick helped to craft character development and story arcs as they documented the climbing world around them, which you can see a great example of in their more recent and acclaimed film "Valley Uprising" that explores the history of rock climbing in the Yosemite Valley through a host of characters both past and present.  To Learn More about Nick Rosen go to


Episode 12: The Angry Millennial Podcast Hosts / Photographers Jose Rosado and Stevie Chris

Photographers and Fellow Podcasters Jose Rosado and Stevie Chris have a lot to say when it comes to the younger generation, the lackluster job market, and trying to carve out a spot in the world of photography in an ever growing sea of content.  After failed attempts at trying to sustain a career path, or in Stevie's case, growing road weary after years in a hard core band, they both decided to re-emmerse themselves in the world of photography and to start their own podcast "The Angry Millennial Show".   We talk about some of the trials and tribulations of coming up in the current state of the industry, how to stay current and keep creative with so much competition, and even have the chance to talk a little "inside baseball" on podcasting and being inspired by the people on our shows. Learn more about The Angry Millennial Show at  Learn More About Jose Rosado at  Learn more about Stevie Chris at


Episode 11: Sinuhe Xavier / Award Winning Director / Photographer

Upon first look at the very impressive body of work from Commercial Director and Photographer Sinuhe Xavier, it's hard to believe that he didn't even pursue a career in directing films until 2003.  He is a self taught photographer and filmmaker with a huge roster of clients like Ford, Toyota, Gillette, and many others.  After years on the other side of the lens as a proffesional skier for the North Face team, and a couple of attempts at normal jobs, Sinuhe picked up a camera and started down the path that would lead him to what most would call a successful career and a growing list of high profile clients.  Sinuhe tells the story of growing up in Bozeman, Montana, having a big half pipe in his yard that would become the local hot spot and even attract Tony Hawk to come skate it, and traveling the world as an athlete for The North Face.  Sinuhe has gone on to direct a big list of commercial spots, worked on more personal documentary films, and traveled through Columbia on a motorcycle. He is recently back from Alaska after directing a short film for the new Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, and has an inspiring story of someone who had the right determination to make it in an industry that doesn't let many in.  Learn more about Sinuhe Xavier at


Episode 10: Pete Mortimer / Producer / Founder and President of Sender Films

If you were lucky enough to get to see the recently released documentary film "Valley Uprising" about the history of climbing in the Yosemite Valley, broadcast on The Discovery Channel and now available online, than you are already aware of Producer/Filmmaker and President of Sender Films Pete Mortimer.   This week we get the chance to sit down with Pete in his Boulder Studio and hear about growing up in Colorado in the 70s and 80s and his early foray into rock climbing and making funny videos with his friends during his high school years.  After graduating from Colorado College, which seems to be producing some of worlds top climbers, photographers, and filmmakers, Pete set out on a journey that would have him in New York for several years, Film School in California, and adventures all over the globe, before he would finally settle back in Boulder to try and carve out his own place in the world of adventure film companies.  Many films and many years later, Pete has succeeded in making a name for himself in the world of documentary film making with his company Sender Films and his own film tour "The Reel Rock Film Festival".  Enjoy this conversation with someone who proves that you can create a company on your own terms.......Learn more about Pete Mortimer at


Episode 9: Tyler Stableford / Canon Explorer of Light / Photographer Director

Photographer, Director, and Canon Explorer of Light, Tyler Stableford sits down with us to tell us about growing up as a mountain kid in Vermont and his early days of wanting to be a writer.  After attempts at incorporating pictures into some of his stories, Tyler became fascinated with photography and started down the path that would end up having Men's Journal Magazine name him "One of the Seven Greatest Adventure Photographers", as well as becoming one of Canon's prestigious "Explores of Light".  He's had the chance to work with clients all over the world and has created a signature commercial look, all the while continuing to pursue personal work in the form of documentary films and helping out with NGOs.  So sit back and enjoy Tyler's story.   Learn More about Tyler Stableford at:


Episode 8: Cory Richards / National Geographic Photographer/Filmmaker

We get a chance to sit down with photographer, filmmaker, and athlete Cory Richards (Named National Geographic Explorer of the Year in 2012) and talk about growing up the son of a Ski Patroller in Salt Lake City Utah and his early days exploring the mountains.  We learn about Cory's somewhat troubled youth that led him to dropping out of high school at an early age and his first experiences as an alpinist that would inevitably lead him further into the mountains and towards becoming a sponsored climber.  As he continued traveling and climbing, Cory found himself with camera in hand and began work on what would become an already storied career exploring the globe and shooting for some of the most respected publications in the world.  This is definitely an inspiring conversation that you don't want to miss.........Learn out more about Cory Richards at


Episode 7: Dave Black / Legendary Sports Photographer/Nikon Ambassador

Legendary sports photographer and Nikon Ambassador Dave Black joins us to talk about his early days as a competitive gymnast and coach, and what led to a surprise phone call asking him to become the photographer for the U.S. Gymnastics team.  After years behind the lens, shooting everything from the olympics to the NFL to the Kentucky Derby, Dave sits down to reflect on a successful career, and how he feels like he has stayed relevant in an ever more competitive field.  Not only is Dave an amazing shooter with a very deep body of work, but he has gone on to mentor many of the world leading sports shooters today and brings his level of expertise as a shooter, teacher, and businessman to the show.  Learn more about Dave Black at


Episode 6: David Clifford / Photographer/Filmmaker

Adventure Lifestyle and Commercial Photographer and Filmmaker David Clifford sits down with us to talk about growing up outside of Boston, studying photography in college, dropping out and becoming a ski bum, and his early hustle in the photography industry.  He did his time in his younger years working for others as he tried getting his foot in the door, but ended up being a gatekeeper himself as the photo editor of national publications Rock & Ice Magazine and Trail Runner Magazine.  During his time as an editor, he had the opportunity to work with, and mentor, others that would become world renowned shooters in their own right.  He has since gone on to re-focus his energy on his own career as a freelance shooter and has worked for some big clients shooting all over the world.   Learn more about David Clifford at


Episode 5.5 More With Photographer/Filmmaker Keith Ladzinski (On being a fan of photography)

We had a crazy production schedule this week and didn't have time to release a full episode, but wanted to take this chance to give you a little more of National Geographic photographer, and founding partner of 3 Strings Productions, Keith Ladzinski as he talks about being a true fan of photography, cheering on the success of his peers, and continuing to grow as an artist.  We'll be back soon with another full epidose, but for now enjoy this tidbit that shows what we love so much about Keith's attitude.  Learn More About Keith Ladzinski at or


Episode 5: Photographer/Filmmaker Keith Ladzinski

National Geographic Photographer and Filmmaker, and founding partner of 3 Strings Productions, Keith Ladzinski tells us about growing up in Colorado and his early days of skateboarding and how he ended up in a pawn shop with his big brother looking for what would become his first camera.  From his early inspiration inside the pages of a skateboard zine, to the mysterious teacher that would become one of his first editors, Keith tells a tale of self motivation and determination that leads to working with some of the biggest clients in the world.  From National Geographic to The New York Times, Keith has had his byline stamped in the pages of publications some will only dream about, and he breaks down what he feels got him there.  Learn More About Keith Ladzinski:


*Episode 4: Photographer Emily Polar

Adventure, Lifestyle, and Travel Photographer Emily Polar tells us about growing up in a small town in Wisconsin and her first trip outside of the country that made her want to pick up a camera and document the experience.  After deciding to leave a career in tabletop photography, Emily dedicated herself to capturing a lifestyle and began traveling the globe in the name of photography.  She has shot for clients like Patagonia and Reebok  and continues to make a name for herself in a very competive field of photography.  We catch up with Emily freshly back from a 6 month trip to India and some new inspiration. Learn More about Emily Polar:


Episode 3: Photographer/Filmmaker Bo Bridges

World Renowned Sports and Lifestyle Photographer Bo Bridges tells us about growing up in Florida and Switzerland and his early days with camera in hand trying to figure out how to carve out a living in a competivie industry.  We catch up with Bo while he is on a shoot for Sony and talk about the early hustle and what inspired him to go towards the world of action sports and how that led to working with clients and celebrities all over the world.  Bo's story not only captures the essense of how someone ended up shooting with a giant roster of commercial clients, but the attitude, drive and hustle it takes to run a successful business.  It's an inspriging converstaion about getting it done.......Learn More about Bo Bridges:

*Episode 2: Photographer/Filmmaker Andy Mann

National Geographic Photographer and Filmmaker and founding partner of 3 Strings Productions Andy Mann tells us about growing up on a farm in rural Virginia, learning to shit in the woods, getting his first guitar, and his early attempts at taking pictures.  His vagabond lifestyle of playing music and climbing provide the foundation of an inspiring story that culminates  into his current status of shooting for one of the most respected photo agencies in the world.  Check him out at

*Episode 1: Photographer Jack Affleck

The man behind all of Vail Resorts' Photography, as well as national campaigns and editorial work across the country, Jack Affleck sits down to tell us about Denver in the 70s, his first Alto Sax Solos, and what becomes a very sought after career of working with the biggest Ski Company in the world.  Check him out at